Our Company

Camanchaca’s Logistics Division is a new business division that aims to optimize the facilities and logistics required by this company’s productive departments.

The division was created to manage warehouses with recovery potential and meet market demand, including for Camanchaca’s own cargo. As a result, these facilities were recovered by investing in them and appropriately improving them, in order to serve its own and third-party cargo.

The focus during the first few years was to generate income and continue investing in these facilities, together with positioning the division as a warehouse services supplier.
Subsequently, the second stage focused on consolidating the business and becoming an integrated logistical services supplier.

The division’s main objective during 2020 and 2021 was to grow and establish its market presence, which was fully achieved as 30% of its services were supplied to internal
customers during 2022 and 70% to external customers, which resulted in achieving its target market position.

Our Milestones

The Rocuant Logistics Center was a pioneer, as it developed its own facilities at Talcahuano airport, which meant that Camanchaca could complete its first direct shipment of fresh salmon to the USA in 2020, making this the first export by air from Carriel Sur to North America. These services have been replicated at Puerto Montt and Temuco airports.

Since 2020, the Transport Department has been certified by the Chilean Civil Aviation Authority (DGCA in Spanish), which authenticated its entire logistics chain and authorized it as a recognized operator in both Chilean and foreign airports.

Transportes Interpolar together with Salmones Camanchaca achieved AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification in 2021, which certifies them as safe operators and complements the company’s maritime exports.

– It also received the “Giro Limpio 2023” (Clean Business 2023) seal, which was awarded by the Energy Sustainability Agency and promoted by the Environment and Economy Ministries. It pursues compliance with the UN’s 7 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Pillars






Main Executives

Antonio Ramírez

Logistics Division Manager

Daniela Covarrubias

Chief of occupational health and safety

Natalia Muñoz

People Management Manager

Subg. Procesos

Process Deputy Manager

Patricio Vigueras

Terminals Deputy Manager

Subg. Transportes

Transport Assistant Manager

Macarena Fuentealba

Commercial Chief