Our Services

Business and support departments


We have over 35 years’ experience in overland freight transportation. We have 60 trucks in our fleet and a wide network of suppliers that support our transport services from Arica in northern Chile to Chiloe in the south. We cover over 5.4 million km every year using our own trucks and 2.6 million km using third-party trucks.

Receiving, storing and dispatching loose cargo

Receiving cargo in the various formats required by the industry, such as pallet, big bag, bags, bulk, etc., storage in warehouses under the conditions required by the customer, stock control, inventory management and cargo dispatch as required.

Cargo inventory control

with warehouse positioning

Computerized system that tracks cargo arriving and leaving and carefully controls cargo movements within the facilities.

Container consolidation and deconsolidation

We support our import customers by receiving full containers with our reach stacker, unloading containers using suitable machinery for each format, and positioning the cargo in the warehouse or preparing it for immediate dispatch, as required.
We support our export customers by receiving empty containers, preparing cargo as requested by our customers, and loading containers using the required formats.


We have MOP and commercially certified weigh-bridges to weigh cargo as required, with biannual certification.

Other cargo services

Our services include palletizing, transferring, labeling, repacking, wrapping and other services as required by our customers to import, export and distribute their cargo.

Reefer connections

We have 104 reefer connections for containers that require pre-stacking, with alarm and temperature monitoring.

Container depot

We have an uncovered depot of 54,000 m2 where we store empty and full containers. They are subject to stock control and reception-dispatch logistics. All these services are provided by highly trained professionals, and specialized machinery is used for each type of cargo. We also provide our customers with customer services, planning, inventory control and documentary services that support each link in their logistic chain.